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PET Bottle

Packaging shown in the image are only for representation purpose and may vay from actual producty recieved.

Strawberry Fruit Twists

Oozing the sweetness of sun-drenched summer days, the bright red color, the sweet juiciness and the familiar aroma that make strawberries so delicious, Add our Strawberry FruitTwist which blends best to makemocktails, cocktails, lemonades, sodas, slushes & mojitos!!! Enjoy the Twist.

Packaging &
Other Information

SKU : 2013
Barcode : 8906000482131
Shelf Life : 12 months from Manufacturing

PET Bottle

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  • 250ml
is not available for purchase at our estore and can only be bought from our retail store or with our distributors and retailers. In case you have any questions, contact us

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