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Inside Manama

Welcome to Manama

Over fifty years of expertise and right know how along with innovation has helped us carrying our family legacy forward from a small hilly town of Panchgani in India also known as the strawberry bowl of India, Manama today is synonym for fruit syrups, crushes and jams that are high in quality & taste.

Over the years we have developed many new products which are natural in taste and are a boon for the quality conscious generation of today. This approach of offering new tastes has made Manama products extremely popular. Our products are known for their usage of fruit pulp and juice which reduces the need for artificial flavouring and colouring, So when you drink Manama you drink to your health.

Our endeavour and our constant quest to innovate has brought innovative and incredible flavours and great tasting products to coffeehouses, restaurants, lounge and kitchens across India this is what makes us the most recognised brand in the business.

Why Choose Us

The health and wellness megatrend drives the demand for premium and quality products which are apex in flavour & taste. Manama products have higher ratio of fruit juices & pulps when compared with other products, Our formulation of invert sugar eliminates crystallisation and enhances taste. We only prefer premium ingredients in our unique blending process which helps retain the natural flavours & reduces the usage of synthetic substances & preservatives during manufacturing process.

Being Consistent & Innovative

People seek socially shareable moments and explore newer venues, flavours, taste and presentation. These are the factors which creates craveable moments and adds to a recall value which brings the customer back again & again to their favourite place. This if maintained consistently is the making of a brand image.

Our Mission

To be synonyms for quality & flavour in the beverage and culinary industry by providing products and solutions which are the top of the line in quality.

Our Vision

To innovate and always bring something new & creative for the beverage and culinary industry, We have a passion for perfection and are committed to quality without compromise. We take pride in our history and formulation of making only quality products.

This is the reason you have to set a method, a formula, to make your signature trademark beverages right from its presentation, flavours, colours, textures to give the wow factor every time to your customer with the same consistency.

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